Reza Aslan is, according to the biography on his website, “an internationally renowned writer, commentator, professor, producer, and scholar of religions.” Weirdly enough, his bio doesn’t list “spokesman for the Iranian people.” Apparently that’s what he is, because he has a for Donald Trump and any Americans pleased with our course of action in Iran:

You heard it here, folks.

Yashar would be journalist Yashar Ali, who, unlike Reza Aslan, is not a flaming nutjob and all-around terrible person.

For the record, here’s Reza’s pinned tweet:

So yeah.

Meanwhile, it seems Reza has at last deleted his now-infamous tweet about Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann’s “punchable” face.

He’s really matured.

Parting thought:

No kidding.



Reza Aslan accuses Ben Shapiro of ‘fomenting the rise of white nationalist terrorism’