No one ever accused Joy Reid of being particularly bright. And if anyone did, their own intelligence should be called into question. Because Joy Reid is not only not bright, but she’s actually an idiot.

Yesterday, a tweeter named Max Howroute (who, according to his Twitter bio, is many things including a writer, filmmaker, activist, and comedian) posted a clip of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on “Putin’s State TV,” aka Russia Today:

Well, Joy Reid can’t believe what she’s just seen. The U.S. Secretary of State on a Russian propaganda outlet! Can you believe it?


Yeah, that’s totally what Pompeo is doing. Except not.

Yes. Yes she does. Either that, or she’s a bald-faced liar. From what we’ve seen, she’s more than capable of being both stupid and dishonest.


Well, that’s basically the same thing as going on Russia Today, right? Right???

Just one last thing before we go … Joy told us to ” imagine what Republicans would have said if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had gone on Russian State TV.” Well, guess we don’t have to imagine! Check it:


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