As Twitchy told you yesterday, David Hogg issued a purity test for Democratic candidates, saying that any candidate who accepts campaign contributions from billionaires is “not a progressive”

Hogg’s tweet was dumb enough on its face, as it basically ruled out tons of Democratic candidates. But it was dumb on another level, too. See, as @AG_Conservative reminds us, David Hogg’s most important campaign relies pretty heavily on billionaires for support:


We wouldn’t hold our breath if we were you. Just like with other liberals, some billionaires are more equal than others. And David’s not about to let anything — including his own big mouth — jeopardize his mission. He’ll give Bloomberg, Oprah, and any other billionaire gun-grabber a pass. On the other hand, if anyone could shoot himself in the foot, it’s David Hogg.

In any event, the moral of this story is that Hogg’s take was bad and he should feel bad.

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