As Twitchy told you earlier, Nancy Pelosi has apparently gone all-in on withholding articles of impeachment from the Senate until House Dems get what they want:

About time she caught up to Adam Schiff, who’s been spearheading House Democrats’ impeachment campaign from the start:

First of all, if it’s such a serious undertaking, why have the Democrats turned it into a circus? They’ve legit beclowned themselves at every turn. Second of all, at least Mitch McConnell has said straight-up that he’s “not an impartial juror,” while Senate Democrats like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have been pushing for impeachment for some time and yet they don’t seem to get the same kind of shout-outs from Schiff that Republicans do. And how about Schiff’s House Democratic colleagues who couldn’t contain their excitement after last week’s impeachment vote?

Adam Schiff is a fraud.

As far as what Mitch McConnell is afraid of … well, the only thing he’s afraid of is running out of judges to get confirmed.



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