During yesterday’s impeachment arguments, GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk thought it would be a good idea to compare Democrats’ treatment of Donald Trump to Pontius Pilate’s treatment of Jesus, saying Jesus actually had it better than Trump:

Was that a mind-numbingly stupid argument to make? No doubt about it. Does it merit a fact-check from PolitiFact? Hell no.

But apparently PolitiFact doesn’t see it that way:

For those of you who don’t feel like clicking on the link — and we don’t blame you one bit — PolitiFact rated Loudermilk’s claim as “False.”

Well, thank goodness for PolitiFact!

Even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is calling PolitiFact out over this one:

You literally cannot. But kudos to PolitiFact for trying. They get points for being so willing to publicly humiliate themselves. What’s funny is that they’re trying to make Trump defenders look bad, but PolitiFact is far more universally despised.

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