It’s been a while since we checked in on lefty loon Peter Daou … what’s he been up to?

Well, evidently, he’s been busy crafting brilliant arguments against unchecked personal wealth. Arguments like this one:

Earlier this year, Daou got very upset at Mackenzie Bezos pledging to donate half of her nearly $37 billion fortune to charity because she’d still have billions of dollars left over. Given Daou’s evolution from Hillary Clinton superfan to bona fide Bernie Bro, it’s not really surprising to hear him echoing Bernie Sanders’ billionaire-bashing rhetoric. Still, it’s kind of impressive that Daou’s so convinced of his moral righteousness that he thinks this crap actually helps Democrats (assuming any of them are even paying attention to his rambling).

In any event, since Peter’s so mystified by the idea of someone having a lot more money than he does, maybe crowdsourcing will get him the answer he seeks:

The politics of envy are never not ugly. Covetous, entitled tools like Peter Daou are what’s wrong with society. Maybe if Peter Daou produced something of value to society, he’d have some more money in his own damn wallet.

Sounds pretty reasonable to us.

Parting question for Peter: