For a wrinkled old white man, Bernie Sanders still seems to be having a tough time winning the hearts and minds of older Democrats. Maybe Bernie’s younger, hip supporters will have better luck. That seems to be what the Sanders campaign is hoping:

Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that older people love being lectured and condescended to by know-it-all young people. This definitely can’t miss.

Seriously. And you don’t even have to be over 50 to understand that this strategy, assuming self-important kids actually try to deploy it, may very well only be successful in pissing people off. Evidently Bernie Sanders’ campaign is just as out-of-touch as he is.

Socialists ruin everything. Fortunately for us, Bernie’s so inept, he’s really not capable of ruining much beyond his own campaign.

Still, though, because we’re givers, how about a piece of free advice?