Last night, the U.K. Labour Party, led by the illustrious Jeremy Corbyn, suffered a crushing defeat to Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. A lot of American liberals are struggling to process how something like that could happen. After all, Boris Johnson is just British Trump and Orange Men Bad and the Conservative Party is the party of Satan and the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semitic bigot and terrorist apologist troll couldn’t possibly have played a role.

Well, for what it’s worth, Andrew Sullivan offered up this take on the results of the U.K. election:

But Soledad O’Brien apparently thinks white nationalism is the ticket to electoral success:

She’s free to disagree with Sullivan, of course. Plenty of people do. But to suggest that white nationalism is what drove the Tories’ sweeping victory suggests she does not actually know what she’s talking about.

Whatever you say, dear.

Lefties do that for American elections all the time. Why not apply that same logic to elections in other countries, too?

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