Did you catch that Monmouth poll earlier this week? The one in which respondents from both parties were asked to choose “the better president” between George Washington and Donald Trump (for Republicans) and between Washington and Barack Obama (for Democrats? Donald Trump fared pretty well among Republicans, with 37% of them saying he was the better president and 44% voting for George Washington.

Those silly Republicans!

Crazy, right? The Cult of Trump is strong. Way stronger than the Cult of Obama — oh, wait:

Isn’t that interesting? CNN’s Chris Cillizza thought so. Well, he thought some of it was interesting, anyway:

“Republicans can’t decide”?

Well? Can you guess?

Yep. Here’s what’s supposed to pass for “analysis”:

Who’s a better president: The first one or the current one?

new Monmouth University poll asked that very question. And the answers — especially among Republicans — will shock you.

The answers will shock you! Cillizza concludes:

Make no mistake: Trump views himself as a great man of history. And that view was affirmed — hugely — when he was elected, against all odds, to the presidency. What’s amazing — at least to me — is that so many Republicans have turned into unquestioning supporters of Trump to the point where 4 in 10 go on record to say he is a better president than George Washington!

Stunning stuff.

Literally not one word about the fact that more than six in ten Democrats went on record to say that Barack Obama is a better president than George Washington!

But for the billionth time, journalists don’t root for a side. Period.

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