Philadelphia Inquirer national opinion columnist Will Bunch is really angry about “Richard Jewell.” So angry, in fact, that he coughed up an angry column yesterday railing against the film for making journalists look bad:

Tweeter @molratty was among those who failed to see the righteousness of Bunch’s indignation:

Unsurprisingly, Bunch didn’t appreciate that:

“Welcome to 1984.” Who needs movies when Will Bunch is bringing the drama?

Anyway, it should be clear by this point that Bunch is no crusader for journalistic integrity. He’s not pitching this fit because he wants justice for journalist Kathy Scruggs; he’s pitching this fit because Clint Eastwood didn’t make journalists the hero of the Richard Jewell story. @redsteeze cut through all of Bunch’s BS and zeroed on exactly what’s got Bunch so furious:

Absolutely nailed it.

Will Bunch has taken up his Sword of Justice to fight for Kathy Scruggs’ honor … what’s he got for Richard Jewell?

A flub. A flub.

Will Bunch is a flub.



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