Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi lost her cool on reporter James Rosen when he asked her point-blank if she hates Donald Trump:

Pretty slick of Pelosi to try to hide behind Catholicism to deny her obvious aversion to Trump. There was no shortage of people who weren’t fooled by Pelosi’s show of righteousness.

But Washington Post political columnist Karen Tumulty swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Moreover, she defended Pelosi by shaming Rosen for daring to accuse Pelosi of “a grievous sin”:

Really, Karen?

Extremely embarrassing.

As a journalist, Karen should know the difference between asking and accusing.

It’s almost as if some “Catholics” are more equal than others. Actually, it’s not almost as if; it is. We don’t recall Karen ever expressing concern about another “grievous sin” for Catholics, a sin Nancy Pelosi just so happens to support:

Nancy Pelosi is a fraud. Just like Karen, evidently.


So yeah. Nice try, Karen. But your story’s about as believable as Nancy Pelosi’s.