Donald Trump is decidedly less than pleased with the media’s attempt to paint him as a global laughingstock by focusing on foreign leaders appearing to mock him. According to Trump, said foreign leaders only have “deep respect” for his stewardship of America:

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell isn’t buying Trump’s chosen interpretation of events, however, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little mockery of his own:

That might be a cute retort if it weren’t coming from, you know, Eric Swalwell, a man notorious for being the butt of jokes.

And not only that, but unlike Donald Trump, Eric Swalwell will never have the chance to be POTUS.

And Swalwell can look forward to being laughed out of any future presidential elections. Assuming he’s dumb enough to run again. And given his history, we’d say that’s a pretty safe assumption.

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