Bernie Sanders must see something special in militant pro-aborts, because he appears to be courting them pretty hard. It’s not enough to support a woman’s “right to choose”; he’s got to make it a constitutional right, too.

Check it:

Well, we agree that abortion isn’t what we’d call “a privilege.” But which constitution gives people the right to kill unborn children?

We haven’t been in school for a while, but we’re pretty sure we’d remember the right to deprive innocent people of life being in the U.S. Constitution. Seems like that would be kind of a big deal, no?

Bernie Sanders is a millionaire. Surely if he believes that abortion is a constitutional right that must be subsidized, he can downsize and put his money where his mouth is and use it to pay for all the abortions. Lead by example … and leave the rest of us out of it.

Bernie Sanders is desperate enough to win, he’ll say just about anything. But as a socialist, he embodies so many things that go against American principles, it’s really no surprise that he’d try to twist American principles to fit his deranged worldview.