This business with Conan the Hero Dog’s, well, business has been getting a little out of control. Depending on whom you ask and when, Conan is either a fierce female or a fearless male. Last we checked, DoD officials confirmed that Conan is male. Or is he?

See, Louise Mensch, who never goes anywhere without her tinfoil hat, not only knows that Conan is a girl, but believes that this is all some kind of White House/DoD coverup:

So we’ve officially reached the “zooming in on a dog’s genitals” phase of this.

The government’s apparent inability to easily tell the difference between a male and female dog is disturbing in its own right, but unlike Louise here, we’re not quite ready to put it at government-conspiracy level coverup.

We’re so sorry, Conan. Male, female, hermaphrodite … you deserve better than this.


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