The best satire is that which skewers the ugly truth, by capturing the ugliness of that ugly truth. And few do that better today than the Babylon Bee.

Earlier this week, AFP breathlessly tweeted about the more than 100,000 migrant children being held in U.S. detention facilities:

Only to withdraw the story when it was, um, brought to their attention that that staggering number actually referred to the number of detained migrant children in 2015. You know, when Barack Obama was president:

AFP wasn’t the only outlet to pull that:

Well anyway, it’s been a very busy week, to say the least. But the Babylon Bee’s finally gotten around to stinging the Guardians of Truth who so shamelessly tried to pin the sins of Barack Obama on Donald Trump:

Think the tweets are good? Read the article. It’s pitch-perfect.

Nothing hurts the fact-checkers quite like the truth.