You’ve got to hand it to ABC News: It takes some serious chutzpah to get busted for trying to bury an exposé on serial sexual predator and human trafficker of underage girls Jeffrey Epstein and then respond by conspiring with CBS News to fire the person responsible for exposing you, only to get the wrong person fired and proceed to carry out a crusade against the real leaker, all while defending the integrity of whistleblowers. And to do all of it without expecting to ultimately face any consequences.

Well, it appears there may be some consequences after all. Not from media firefighters like Brian Stelter, mind you, but from Congress. Yesterday, Megyn Kelly reported that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would be taking action to hold ABC News to account for their shameful #EpsteinCoverup:

Here’s the letter:

ABC News is guilty of more than just gross media malpractice; their actions very likely directly resulted in more young women being victimized by Jeffrey Epstein. McCarthy is right: ABC News has demonstrated that they have twisted journalistic priorities, and they need to answer for that. Let’s hope this forces them to do so.

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