Earlier today, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff accused Donald Trump of “witness intimidation” for reading Donald Trump’s tweets about Marie Yovanovitch to Yovanovitch during her testimony. Which is kind of an insult to people who have actually been subjected to witness intimidation (without Schiff’s help, Yovanovitch wouldn’t have seen Trump’s tweets until after her testimony was over).

But according to CNN’s Jake Tapper, not only do Trump’s tweets constitute witness intimidation, but they’re basically worthy of an article of impeachment:

Are Trump’s tweets about Yovanovitch petty and dumb? Yes. Are they impeachment-worthy? Please. This isn’t journalism; it’s wishcasting.

Jake Tapper still has his moments, but by and large, he’s allowed himself to fall victim to the same hackery and intellectual dishonesty that’s plagued most of the mainstream media for so long. And that’s a damn shame.