Donald Trump’s critics have yet to prove conclusively that he’s a Russian asset, but this from MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance may be the most convincing argument we’ve heard to date:

More from the Daily Beast:

Citing reporting by The Guardian, Nance said that there were indicators that Trump had been “under Russian intelligence surveillance for a very long time—as early as 1977 with his first wife, Ivana.” Noting that Ivana was from Czechoslovakia, then part of the Eastern Bloc, Nance claimed that the country’s intelligence community at the time was monitoring her and thus gained access to Trump’s communications.

From there, the cable news pundit asserted that “Russia became very interested” in Trump during the mid-’80s as he first considered building a Trump Tower Moscow and began tossing around the idea of a presidential run.

“They had ten years of collection and then they brought him to Moscow for what he wanted, which is Trump Tower,” Nance added. “But from that moment on, an enormous dossier of information was collected on him and more importantly, how to exploit him and his simple exploit—as we call it in the intelligence community—and he is avaricious to a fault. He wants money, they now own him. Modern Russia, with a former KGB director as president, they know how to exploit people, they know how to manipulate people, and they know how to buy people.”

People look to Malcolm Nance for serious analysis. MSNBC is a serious news network.

Hey, the formula’s been working for MSNBC for years … why stop now?