You people may be under the impression that leftist media outlets are a thing, but you’d apparently be wrong. According to former Splinter contributor Jack Crosbie, the leftist press, which is pretty much the only real check on the mainstream media, “is facing mass extinction”:

Get a load of the subhead, you guys:

“The mainstream media is hopelessly neutral.”

Yeah … we’re gonna need a check on that.

Well, we have no doubt that the leftist press doesn’t care about impartiality, but there’s no way in hell we believe that the mainstream press by and large takes an impartial approach to covering contentious issues. Come on.

Crosbie concludes:

The leftist press can’t rely on ranks of billionaires to dump in funding. Instead, we need to look for new ways to support the tradition in all its rude, flippant, and profound glory. These could be worker-owned collectives, nonprofit newsrooms, or publicly owned, editorially independent media networks — or some combination of all three. It also needs electoral measures — and elected leaders — that support journalism or candidates who have a plan to break big tech and finance’s grip on the industry.

If the media’s lesson from the Trump era is to retreat into a shell of flavorless, craven impartiality, taking “both sides” to the clear injustices at play, the right will continue to eat up every inch of space it’s given. It’s every progressive’s job to make sure their own press doesn’t get left behind.

Yeah, progressive media definitely can’t rely on funding from wealthy progressive donors. No, sirree. Worker-owned collectives and publicly owned newsrooms may be the only way to stop the mainstream media’s “craven impartiality” in the Age of Trump.