As Twitchy told you earlier, Lauren Duca — who seems to be under the impression that there are lots of people who think she’s intelligent and care what she thinks — touted the New York Times’ conclusion that modern-day billionaires would’ve been just fine if Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional wealth tax had been enacted in 1982:

Apparently we’re supposed to think that makes unconstitutional wealth taxes OK or something.

Tweeter @back_ttys is among many people who aren’t impressed by the prospect of billionaires being taken “down a few billion pegs”:

Bleeding today’s billionaires dry would still leave Medicare for All funding trillions of dollars short. And Medicare for All is only one of many unicorn fantasy policies Warren wants to enact.

All of this leads @back_ttys to a pretty important conclusion:

We’d say he’s pretty much nailed it.

And allowing yourself to be ruled by the politics of envy is a recipe for disaster.