If you’ll recall, last month, Hillary Clinton sat down for a lovely little chat with David Plouffe regarding the issues of the day. These issues included Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard being “the favorite of the Russians.” It’s been several weeks since Hillary made those remarks, but Gabbard is still pissed. And honestly, it’s hard to blame her. Putting on a tinfoil hat and throwing around baseless and quite possibly libelous accusations isn’t the best way to conduct oneself, but Hillary’s pretty much managed to get away with it thus far.

Hillary’s made a nasty mess, and the Gabbard campaign wants to make sure she cleans it up. To that end, they want Clinton to hold a press conference, where she will read the retraction they’ve kindly written for her:

Oh, my.

It is indeed pretty epic. Certainly a bold ask, but we’re not sure Hillary’s up to it. She’s not really the apologetic type, and she usually prefers to humiliate herself on her own terms as opposed to someone else’s.

Clinton definitely owes Gabbard an apology. But if we were Tulsi Gabbard, we probably wouldn’t be holding our breath for Hillary to do what we’re asking.