Earlier this week, we told you about Stanford University leftists holding a “silent rally” to protest Ben Shapiro’s speech last night. They also likened Shapiro to an insect. Which wound up being pretty fitting, actually, because they managed to find common ground with alt-right neo-Nazis during Shapiro’s speech as well.

Here’s your answer:


Shapiro literally dedicated much of his speech to forcibly and unequivocally denouncing the alt-right and Nazism (in both its past and present forms):

Alt-right, neo-Nazi sh*tstain Nick Fuentes didn’t take kindly to Shapiro’s speech:

Nor did Fuentes’ minions:

Really a damn shame to piss people like that off.

Both the hard Left and the alt-right claim to be the antitheses of one another, but as Ben Shapiro so clearly demonstrated, they’re cut from the same cloth. And Ben Shapiro’s been among the most adept at highlighting that.