Plenty of people (and ostensible “serious” news outlets) have been flipping out over Sean Spicer’s continued presence on “Dancing with the Stars,” but it seems some of them have gone beyond basic anger and turned things up to 11.

“Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown was also on this season of DWTS (he was recently eliminated), and the mere fact that he was civil toward Sean Spicer was apparently reason enough for people to threaten his family, including his son:

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“I’m excited to sit down w/ him and engage in a respectful conversations. Only way things get better is if we try to educate those who have different POV than us,” Brown, 39, tweeted after the Spicer casting announcement.

“We’re in a place where people are really feeling on edge, and if you feel encouraged enough to speak to someone and reach out to them, who has different political views, you should do so because I felt it. And I will never feel bad for doing what I know is right in my heart,” he told BuzzFeed.

On a Tuesday night appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Brown said the death threats were toward his son and prompted the Netflix personality to deactivate his Twitter account.

Brown said the threatening messages came because “I was nice to Sean Spicer — there was no friendship. I was just saying that if we’re going to be on the same show, I’m going to have a respectful conversation with someone who’s different from me.”

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Civility in 2019 is something else.