Some of NBC News’ most prominent current and former personalities are getting increasingly vocal in demanding accountability for the network’s deeply troubling history of covering up sexual harassment and sexual assault. But thus far, NBC News hasn’t shown much initiative in getting to the bottom of it.

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Current and former employees say they want a true independent investigation of what happened at NBC News regarding Lauer, the Weinstein story, and any other incidents of internal sexual misconduct. Time’s Up, the organization founded in the wake of the Me Too movement, has also called for NBC to conduct an external investigation.

Other women’s groups are pushing for change, as well. “The business and the moral case is clear,” said Shaunna Thomas, the cofounder of women’s advocacy group UltraViolet. “NBC’s credibility as a news organization and culture-shaper is on the line as is the safety and security of their employees.”

Both CBS News and Fox News brought in outside lawyers to look into sexual misconduct at the companies after accusations were levied against top-level executives. Uber hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an investigation when it faced a scandal about its broader company culture.

So far, in the wake of the Lauer incident, NBC has only conducted an internal investigation, ultimately putting out a report written by its own lawyers, who claimed there aren’t problems at the company.

Megyn Kelly, an alumna of both Fox News and NBC News, has some thoughts about that:


If NBC News is serious about justice for victims of sexual harassment and assault, they need to put all their money where their big mouths are and welcome an outside investigation. Otherwise, we have no choice but to assume that they condone such heinous behavior and treat them accordingly.



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