Remember earlier this week, when Crusader for Truth and Social Justice Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lit into Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook’s failure to completely purge the platform of “lies”?

AOC wanted to know if she could run ads falsely claiming that a conservative supports the Green New Deal:

Well, guess what: The Real Online Lefty League, which is “dedicated to advancing the progressive agenda through media and political action,” has a video on Facebook doing exactly that:

Check it out:

Sure smells like “lies,” doesn’t it, AOC?

Would they agree with these tweeters that it’s OK when progs lie?

If the Left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Meanwhile, what does it say about AOC’s desire to control speech on Facebook by policing “fake news”? Clearly we don’t need the government to get involved if media decide to actually do their job.