Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that Donald Trump “strongly condemns” that video depicting him taking out his political and media opponents:

It should be noted that few people would’ve actually seen the video — which has been available on YouTube for some time — had it not been for the offended media firefighters who have spent the past day spreading it far and wide. And why shouldn’t they spread it around? After all, the outrage machine isn’t gonna fuel itself.

Well anyway, for whatever it’s worth, Mara Gay, a member of the editorial board at the New York Times — the outlet doing some of the heaviest lifting to raise awareness of the video — has determined that Donald Trump doesn’t actually condemn the video:


Does Gay have some sort of special access to Donald Trump’s thoughts that the rest of us don’t? She must in order to be so sure that Grisham is lying and Trump doesn’t actually condemn the video.

Maybe Trump thought the video was awesome. Maybe he didn’t. But God forbid viewers be permitted to decide for themselves.

Honestly, if anyone’s enjoying the video, it’s the media. Because it’s given them yet another opportunity to feign righteous indignation. And if they couldn’t do that, what the hell would they do with themselves?