In case you missed it, climate change activists changed the world today when they sprayed red liquid at the British finance ministry building:

More from Reuters:

Climate change activists used a fire engine to hose a red liquid at the facade of the British finance ministry on Thursday in an attempt to draw attention to what they said was the government’s failure to avert a looming climate cataclysm.

The activists from the group Extinction Rebellion drove up to the Treasury in a fire engine they had purchased on eBay, and sprayed what they described as fake blood high onto the building.

After the stunt, four activists including an 83-year-old man stood on the roof of the fire engine, from which they hung a banner saying “Stop funding climate death”, a slogan that was also daubed onto the wall of the imposing central London building.

Fellow protesters stood on the street displaying other banners with slogans such as “This is an emergency”. The steps of the Treasury and the street in front were soaked in the red liquid, which was water colored with food dye.

Iowahawk, for one, is very impressed:

Hell yeah, it is.

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