‘Joker” director Todd Phillips is getting pretty fed up with all the wokescolds crapping on him and his movie not because of a lack of artistic merits, but because they’ve decided that it promotes toxic white male masculinity. In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Phillips explained why he decided to give “Joker” a try:

Phillips, who directed the comedies Old School and the Hangover series, pitched the idea of a Joker movie to Warner Bros. as a kind of anti-superhero film, with practically no CGI effects or cartoonish plots, but instead a dark realism drained of heroics. Phillips had found it increasingly difficult, he says, to make comedies in the new “woke” Hollywood, and his brand of irreverent bro humor has lost favor.

“Go try to be funny nowadays with this woke culture,” he says. “There were articles written about why comedies don’t work anymore—I’ll tell you why, because all the f*cking funny guys are like, ‘F*ck this sh*t, because I don’t want to offend you.’ It’s hard to argue with 30 million people on Twitter. You just can’t do it, right? So you just go, ‘I’m out.’ I’m out, and you know what? With all my comedies—I think that what comedies in general all have in common—is they’re irreverent. So I go, ‘How do I do something irreverent, but f*ck comedy? Oh I know, let’s take the comic book movie universe and turn it on its head with this.’ And so that’s really where that came from.”

Well, let the record show that multiple magazine writer Rob Tannenbaum has problems with Phillips’ explanation:

Guys? GUYS???

If only Phillips’ use of “guys” were the worst of his many offenses. How dare he suggest that SJWs are trying to ruin comedy?! Where the hell does he get off?

This may come as a complete shock to a woke genius like Rob, but Phillips makes a pretty good point.

You proved it beautifully, Rob.

First of all, dude:

And second of all, you’ve just let the mask slip:

It really is.



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