Today, Jazz Shaw wrote a piece at Twitchy sister site HotAir about the damaging effects of New York City’s minimum wage hike. As Shaw points out, many NYC restaurants — including some staples — are having to make drastic staff cuts or even shut down:


Now they’re shutting down. And they’re not alone. Another restaurant in Harlem, employing more than 40 primarily minority workers, hasn’t had to close yet but the effects are still being felt. The owner reports that she’s had to cut back everyone’s hours, raise prices and reduce the number of available menu options. All of that adds up to poorer service and fewer customers.

It’s not just the loss of local watering holes and eateries that are the problem. All of the jobs they support are going away too. As of August, the restaurant industry in the Big Apple has shed a shocking 4,000 jobs this year. And as Gabriela’s [Restaurant and Tequila Bars] hows us, the pain isn’t over yet.

So the remaining workers in many of these eateries are, on average, making more per hour than they used to. But many of them are getting fewer hours per week. And thousands of others are making zero in earned wages because they’re on the unemployment lines. Is this really progress for workers? Or is it just a net benefit to the unions who are trying to organize them all?

Clearly these minimum wage hikes being done in the name of benefiting employees have very real negative consequences for employees and business owners alike, and in turn for their families. But instead of acknowledging that, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has chosen instead to completely miss Shaw’s point:

LOL. Because that’s totally what Shaw said.

Aren’t Chris and these guys so clever?

Chris is too busy being a journalist to do any research. He’s only got time for disingenuous snark.