Uh-oh, guys. Apparently China’s got a bone to pick with us:

More from Bloomberg:

While [Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi] didn’t call out Trump or the U.S. directly, he said the “withdrawal of certain parties” from the global Paris climate agreement “will not shake the collective will of the international community, nor will it reverse the historical trend of international cooperation.” Trump has vowed to pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord and dismantle Obama-era rules to slash greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants.

“We must follow through on the Paris agreement,” Wang said. “We must uphold multilateralism.”

Who’s “we,” pal? This kind of talk is pretty rich coming from the foreign minister of a megapolluter like China. Nikki Haley, for one, is not about to be guilt-tripped by the Chinese government:

She’s right, you know.

You don’t see normal people walking around American cities in surgical masks because the air is pea-soup thick with smog. Put down those stones, China, and fix your own damn glass house.

They don’t have one. Because this isn’t really about climate change; it’s about authoritarianism. Reminder: