Daniel McCarthy is running for Senate as a Republican in Arizona. Chances are that you’ve never heard of Daniel, but maybe you’ve heard of a guy named, oh, say … Jesus Christ? Apparently McCarthy also has a lot in common with Jesus. At least when it comes to the important stuff (though we’re not sure how Jesus felt about annexing Mexico):

Oh, well. We’re convinced! That McCarthy’s off his rocker, we mean. The always delightful @ComfortablySmug is among the many who are wondering how many gallons of pool water McCarthy consumes each day:

“WTF” seems like a pretty appropriate response here. But McCarthy evidently disagrees:

Screenshot since Daniel deleted that one:


It’s unwise at best. Daniel is apparently unfamiliar with @ComfortablySmug’s oeuvre — or that of Smug’s loyal minions:

So let it be written, so let it be done.

How’s Daniel holding up? Let’s check on him and see:

He deleted that one, too:

At least this one’s still here:

Oh geez. It’s even worse than we thought.

Hoo boy.

Obligatory screenshot:

Daniel McCarthy needs to quit while he’s behind. Otherwise he’s liable to hurt himself and not even his twin Jesus will be able to heal him.

We won’t say it was nice knowing you, Daniel. But at least we know you now.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with screenshots and additional text.