VICE’s Sofia Barrett-Ibarria recently decided to take a closer look at why some people regard convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos as a cult heroine:

Barrett-Ibarria seems to think it’s encouraging that Wuornos is so revered. Because it “offers hope” to victims of serial sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein and … Brett Kavanaugh?

The author may not be saying that in so many words … but it seems fair to say that she’s concluding that Brett Kavanaugh deserves to pay dearly for crimes that no one has been able to prove he committed.

Seriously, this is messed up.

At some point, VICE appended a correction, saying that “This story has been updated to correct the date Wuornos died, and to clarify the context of a quote.” Here’s their attempt at a clarification:

As reports of powerful men who abuse vulnerable women continue to surface, it’s hard to deny that survivors are craving stories of revenge—stories where victims not only live to survive the abuse, but fight back. “I think part of her appeal to me personally, in this cultural moment, is that Aileen Wuornos was a woman that men feared,” said Bailey. At a time when we are constantly inundated with stories like that of Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh, her story is an example of men facing repercussions for their actions. “A prostitute hunting men instead of being hunted is a deeply comforting story.”

That’s only barely an improvement over the original.