That New York Times bombshell on Brett Kavanaugh is full of more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese, but that’s not stopping CNN from hitching a ride on the runaway crazy train:

Here’s how this Very Important and Informational Article begins:

Several Democratic presidential hopefuls are calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after a new book provided unreported details of an incident of alleged sexual misconduct while he was a student at Yale.

Don’t bother reading the rest of the article. As is the case in the intro paragraph, the article doesn’t mention the fact that the “unreported details of an incident of alleged sexual misconduct” have unraveled at lightning speed. Because why discuss something like that, right?

They would never in a million years have run a piece like that if the partisan tables were turned.

It’s definitely over for CNN. Their reputation as Real News, Mr. President, may very well be damaged beyond repair.

And you know what? They’d deserve it.