You know what this whole New York Times Brett Kavanaugh debacle was really lacking? A masochism factor. It seems the New York Times can’t stop looking for new ways to punish themselves.

“A new uproar.” Prompted by an editorial decision to run with a blatant smear job by a pair of women who apparently had some kind of axe to grind. But hey, maybe sharing this letter to the editor will help shift the focus back to Brett Kavanaugh being a terrible person who’s basically gotten away with murder:

Ellen Silverman Popper from Whitestone, Queens, is very upset that we’re living in a “brave new world that glorifies bad behavior,” a brave new world in which we’ve all been kept in the dark about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. And hers is the take the New York Times has chosen to highlight.

Seriously. It’s just pathetic at this point.