Planning on praying for victims of future disasters? Well, don’t waste your breath. CNN wants you to know about a study finding that some people just don’t want them:

Here’s how CNN’s article concludes:

Nonreligious people were willing to pay about $1.66 to avoid a prayer from a priest and more than double that price at $3.54 to avoid one from a Christian stranger.

“The last result is surprising because one might expect that atheists/agnostics would be indifferent to people praying for them — why care, if you don’t believe in the gesture?” said Thunström. “But that is not what we find — atheists and agnostics are averse to prayers, to the extent that they are willing to abstain money in order to ensure not to get a prayer from a Christian stranger.

“Hence, it is important to think about who the target person is when sending thoughts and prayers in the wake of hardship.”

Yes, we’re sure Americans who believe in the power of prayer will take that under advisement. Or maybe they’ll just point out how dumb this article was. Actually, one doesn’t even need to believe in prayer to recognize how dumb this article was.

Lord knows CNN needs all the help they can get.