Heads up, guys. Looks like we’ve got another addition to the Big Book of Racism:

“Toronto-based chef, activist, and author” Joshna Maharaj writes:

The message we need to send to our kids is that there are many different ways to eat food and that they’re all worthy of respect and acknowledgement. We need to show them that good manners can look quite different from table to table, particularly here in Canada. A great way to start is to ensure that there’s real cultural diversity in the menus served to kids in schools and daycare centres so that they can be exposed to a variety of cuisines and how to eat them. Learning how to properly use a knife and fork is very important, but so is learning how to squeeze a slippery dumpling between chopsticks and how to tear the perfect piece of naan with just one hand.

We had no idea that teaching kids to use silverware was so problematic.