As Twitchy told you yesterday, the quality fact checkers at Snopes determined that Joe Biden’s highly dubious war story couldn’t really be called “false,” even though “key details” of Biden’s story were totally wrong.

Understandably, that got the Babylon Bee’s attention. After all, Snopes has Top Men™ dedicated to debunking the Babylon Bee’s satire, but when faced with an actual BS story, Snopes suddenly doesn’t see a need to check the facts. Or check themselves. Which is why they found themselves getting wrecked once again by the Babylon Bee:

We can’t choose an excerpt because the whole thing’s just too perfect. You’ll have to read it for yourselves. Needless to say, the Babylon Bee has done it again.



Solid burn: Babylon Bee hits back at Snopes with its own ‘concerning survey’