Talking Points Memo’s intrepid editor and publisher Josh Marshall is really doing the Lord’s work. Nowhere is that more evident than in this summary of Ken Cuccinelli’s response to being confronted by America’s immigration policy as dictated by the poem on the Statue of Liberty:

Did Josh nail it or what?

Here’s just a taste:

How much clearer could it be that Josh Marshall and the rest of these frauds are blatantly misrepresenting Cuccinelli’s remarks?

It’s getting plenty of attention, Chris Cillizza. But what deserves the real attention is the rampant intellectual dishonesty emanating from liberal and media circles.

But hey, at least Josh clarified in his follow-up tweets:

In other words, Josh left important context out of his summary. Oddly enough, his clarifying tweets didn’t get nearly as much love as his initial take. But then, that’s what he intended, isn’t it? Gotta get those clicks. If it means hyping a false narrative, well, so be it. Shoot first, and count on no one to ask questions later.

Of course they know it. They just don’t give a damn.