We’re just gonna say it: George Conway seems like a real jerk. There’s really no other explanation for this tweet defending Joaquin Castro’s attempt to doxx private citizens who donated to Donald Trump’s campaign:

So, George, what you’re saying is that these donors need to “think twice” before legally donating their own money to a candidate they support because you don’t like him?

George knows there’s a difference. George just doesn’t care. George is a thug. No wonder he fully endorses Castro’s thuggery. Don’t be like George.

Oh well. At least he’s making the Resistance happy. Or not:

Was it worth it, George? The Resistance doesn’t respect you. No one does.

When you try to sell your soul to the highest bidder, you end up morally bankrupt.



Joe Scarborough totally behind Joaquin Castro’s effort to name & shame Trump donors (then it gets awkward)