As Twitchy told you earlier, Baltimore’s “We’re Not Actually Rat-Infested” narrative took a bit of a hit when a rat ran through a live shot during a story about Donald Trump’s remarks:

Did you laugh at that? Then you’re probably a pouncing Trump supporter. At least according to Newsweek:

And? And??? This is serious, you guys. Obviously Trump supporters are seizing on this rat to make Baltimore look bad.


Ann Coulter, Fox News radio host Todd Starnes and several state-level Republican Party lawmakers joined thousands of right-leaning social media users in gleefully sharing the video. WCBM-AM talk radio host Bruce Elliott declared on Starnes’ radio show that the “unpleasant truth” is Trump was correct in identifying the city’s rat and crime problems which many critics said were “racist” comments.

During a later broadcast Monday, a Fox 45 Baltimore anchor described the rat’s fleeting appearance as “proof” of Trump’s complaints about parts of the city. The segment also noted Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders referred to portions of the city as “uninhabitable” in 2015, which Trump lamented on his Twitter account Monday.

“During Maxine’s live shot in West Baltimore at 4 o’clock, we got some proof of what the president was talking about. Our photographer on the scene captured that, that big rat, seen running right across your screen,” she explained.

Well, yeah, but as Newsweek points out, the Fox affiliate that showed the rat is owned by Sinclair. So obviously this is all just some vast right-wing conspiracy.

Or maybe Baltimore just has an honest-to-goodness rat problem.

Plenty of people who aren’t Trump supporters also see that rat as evidence of a rat infestation.

Newsweek, like Elijah Cummings, seems genuinely more upset about the fact that people are pointing out that Baltimore has a rat problem than the fact that Baltimore has  a rat problem.