As Twitchy told you earlier, the DCCC underwent quite the shake-up last night, canning multiple aides in response to complaints about a lack of diversity.

Could it possibly get any more delicious than that? The answer is a resounding “Hell, yes!”

You guys:

“The idea of all DCCC staff sitting around for hours on Friday and again today to talk about this internal sh*t enrages me,” the House Democrat said. “Shut the f— up about your feelings and just focus on winning.”

“You know how NRCC [National Republican Congressional Committee] spent their day Friday and today? Not sitting around talking about diversity and their feelings,” the lawmaker added.

More than anything, Democrats believe the party’s campaign apparatus needs an infusion of know-how at the highest levels. As one external source put it: “They need some adults in there.” 

Mmm … straight into our veins.

This is the stuff that lib-owning dreams are made of.