We hope you can forgive us for not covering this the other day. But stupidity like this deserves to be highlighted, even if it’s a few days late.

As Twitchy told you on Monday, Vox’s Aaron Rupar very dishonestly — and very creepily — mischaracterized Donald Trump’s remarks at TPUSA’s Teen Student Action Summit about human trafficking:

Unsurprisingly, that wasn’t Rupar’s only attempt to draw attention to something that didn’t actually happen. He also breathlessly reported this:

Dear God, the horror! Wait … what?

Not weird when you consider that the “journalist” is Aaron Rupar. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that a fellow “journalist” like dedicated Al Jazeera host and Hamas propagandist Mehdi Hasan is all over Rupar’s scoop:

We’re actually pretty worried. About Mehdi, that is. It’s clear that he’s not well.

You’d think!



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