Late-night hosts have been throwing softballs at Democratic politicians for ages, but all of a sudden it’s a problem. At least according to the Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern:

Actually, what’s really embarrassing is that a supposed journalist is looking to Stephen Effing Colbert to get the job done. Is it annoying and eyeroll-inducing when guys like Colbert rail against conservatives while giving liberals tongue baths? Yes, but it’s not exactly news that that’s how they roll. So why is Stern so miffed about Colbert’s interview with Williamson? What else did he expect?


What makes Stern’s disappointment even more ridiculous is the fact that it’s taken Marianne Williamson, of all people, to light a fire under the media! Until she came around, journalists apparently didn’t realize that they’re supposed to confront Democrats on thorny issues. Williamson’s a loon with a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination, but it really does seem like the media have it in for her. Guess they don’t want someone who’s actually kind of likable (in a quirky sort of way) throwing a wrench into their preferred candidates’ games.

Marlow really does need climb down off that high horse.

No kidding.