Breaking news: Donald Trump has a lot of supporters. Including at least one retired nurse:

Actress-comedian and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Chelsea Peretti doesn’t know that nurse from Adam, but she knows enough to imagine:

What’s the point of that thought exercise? Are we supposed to assume that because she’s a Trump supporter, she wouldn’t treat non-white patients or that she’d treat them poorly?

What’s sad and infuriating is that they’re assuming the worst about this woman without knowing anything about her other than that she is a Trump supporter.

If you’re a nurse and are stunned by a medical professional’s ability to separate their work from their personal politics, what does that say about your ability to perform your job? Would you refuse to treat a patient if they walked in in a MAGA hat? If you’re that scared that a nurse wouldn’t properly care for her patients because of her politics, maybe you’re the one with the problem. Maybe you’re the one people should be concerned about.

Seriously. Chelsea Peretti and tweeters like her are assuming the nurse is a bigot, all while making judgments about her and other Trump supporters based on nothing but their preconceived notions about Trump supporters. That’s textbook bigotry. They are the true bigots.