Like her pal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Julia Salazar is a New York socialist who’s been caught fudging details about her background. So it makes sense that she’d come to kindred spirit AOC’s defense.

Earlier this week, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Donald Trump, as “a public official,” cannot block Twitter users from seeing his tweets because it violates those users’ First Amendment rights. The ruling was dumb, but the Resistance cheered it anyway because Orange Man Bad. Unfortunately for them, their victory over Trump turned into a headache for AOC, as it opened up an avenue for people blocked by AOC — like former New York Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind — to sue her for violating their First Amendment rights.

And Julia Salazar doesn’t think that’s fair at all:

Of course blocking someone on Twitter isn’t a violation of their First Amendment rights. But the Resistance insisted that it was, and now that a court has stupidly agreed, here we are.

Ah, but based on this retweet, she doesn’t think it is:

At least she’s flat-out admitting that she’s applying a double standard here. Too bad that doesn’t help her argument.

Be careful what you wish for.