Hillary Clinton is determined to crawl her way out of history’s dustbin, whatever it takes. Lately, she’s been trying to do it by doing what she does best: riding others’ coattails. In this case, the U.S. Women’s National Team’s.

Yesterday, she attempted to remind us all she still exists with an awkward congratulatory tweet to the Women’s World Cup champs:

This morning, she used a tweet about equal pay from the Virginia ACLU to turn the USWNT into a political cudgel:

Because nobody believes in women’s equality and equal pay more than Hillary Clinton.

Well, there are several explanations. Probably the most important one is that she’s Hillary Clinton. And, by extension, a hypocritical fraud. As the inimitable Comfortably Smug points out:

“LOL” is right. Hillary Clinton never met a rake she couldn’t step on.