Kellyanne Conway is one of many, many people questioning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s highly dubious account of her visit to a Texas CBP detention facility yesterday:

Unsurprisingly, AOC is pissed off that Conway isn’t taking her claims seriously. So she’s doing what she does best: launching emotionally charged strikes against her critics.

How many migrant women has AOC helped with her lies? How many migrant children are sleeping on floors today because AOC helped lead the charge to get beds taken from them to score political points? How much breath has AOC wasted to denounce the GOP for actually trying to improve conditions for migrants in detention facilities?

If anyone’s conduct during this border crisis has been indefensible, it’s AOC’s. Time and time again, she’s obfuscated, lied, and smeared in order to build herself up as some kind of heroine. The only person AOC is interested in helping is herself. She only cares about migrants in that she needs them to suffer so she can make a name for herself.

She’s been busted for lying so many times, it doesn’t even faze her anymore. She just doubles, triples, quadruples down.