If “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski can get serious for a moment, she’s got a major bone to pick with Melania and Ivanka Trump over the border crisis.

This happened last week, but MSNBC thought it was so stunning and brave that it was worth sharing again last night:


Gotta love Mika getting all self-righteous about something like this. Not only are she and Joe Scarborough largely to blame for foisting Donald Trump upon the American viewing public during the 2016 election season, but she’s very clearly bending over backwards to take any responsibility for the current situation off of Barack Obama and the Democrats, knowing full well that their policies have led to the current border crisis. A crisis that, by the way, the MSM spent months telling us was “manufactured.”

Melania Trump is not to blame for what’s happening. Ivanka Trump is not to blame for what’s happening. Just as Michelle Obama wasn’t to blame for the plight of migrants in detention centers during her husband’s administration.

The Democrats and their media enablers are the ones who have allowed this crisis to get exponentially worse.