Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has apparently been exposed as a liar (well, again) after claiming that she witnessed women detainees in a CBP detention center being forced to drink water from toilets and being subjected herself to physically and sexually threatening behavior from CBP officers.

Witnesses have reportedly said that not only did AOC scream at CBP officers when she went to the facility, but she refused to actually go in:

That makes it all the more incredible — at least by normal-logical-and-not-insane-person standards — that she’s still pushing forward with this stuff:

Of course, Saikat Chakrabarti, her partner in [alleged] crime, is helping to keep the narrative going:

AOC apparently wouldn’t know the answer to that question, given that she reportedly didn’t even go inside. But AOC gonna AOC. Her tweet certainly strikes all the right emotional chords … but it seems to be missing all the honest ones. Particularly given her lack of initiative when it comes to taking any sort of action that would actually help the detainees.

She could clear all this up very easily with some actual footage of her visit. You’d think someone this passionate about helping migrant detainees would stop at nothing to document the horrors she’s been witnessing. It’s almost as AOC doesn’t actually care about these people at all.



AOC’s really going for broke:

No one is disputing that conditions in the detention facilities leave a lot to be desired. But AOC still hasn’t offered up any evidence to back up her earlier claims.

AOC needs to quit while she’s behind.



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