Just when you thought you’d seen the worst, most heinous take on Antifa’s assault on independent journalist Andy Ngo, along comes a new contender to show us what he’s got. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nate Bethea, who cohosts and produces “a leftist military and veteran podcast” and who apparently is not only OK with Antifa beating up non-leftist journalists but actively applauds it.

Bethea has spent the past several days telling his 24,000-plus Twitter followers that Ngo totally had it coming, and now you, too, can be subjected to his hot takes (apologies in advance for the appearance of Bethea’s unrendered tweets … we can only assume he got tired of being called out for being a garbage person and deleted a bunch of them):

Is Nate suggesting that’s not what he’s been doing?

Ngo didn’t start the GoFundMe, but you go on, Nate.

But enough about you, Nate.

Fascism and violence are fine as long as it’s being directed at the right people.